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AUDI to VOLVO – even Mercedes AMG
● I’ve run the KMAC bushings on the front end for over 66 000 miles (>100,00 kilometers).
KMAC beats the OEM hands down. I’m glad I invested in them. Over 66.000 miles and I still have not had to adjust the front Camber. On a Mercedes, I now regard that as great!.
● C63S AMG W205 – “You need to fit KMAC Camber Kits to preserve Tires. 3 sets in 18 months.
Now perfect wear across front and rear after another 18 months, seriously worth fitting.
● Purchased a front kit from KMAC for my C63 S so that I could dial in some front Camber for track events Great system. Well engineered and I am happy with it. It was also priced fair. I highly recommend them”.
● Michelin Pilot Sport 4 AS and can highly recommend KMAC. I have their rear Camber kit and it completely corrected my rear suspension (camber & toe), especially after lowering. All components are excellent quality, *totally worth it*. No more rear inner uneven tire wear.
● CLS 55 AMG W219 – “Used to be 6-10k down to the cords. Bought KMAC bushings and started doing my own alignments, now it’s 30+. That’s a whole year for me. I went through 6 grand worth of tires in the first 2 years of ownership. Had to take control of the situation.”
● 63 AMG W204 – “Talk all you want about toe in/out…. negative Camber would factor in. 2nd premature replacement of tires…. ‘C’ is a daily driver, commute 50+ miles one way. Replacing tires after 7-8 months getting annoying. Now able to get full degree positive camber. Quality…. KMACS seemed much better material to the OEM items removed..”
● GLA 45 AMG X156 – Just want to thank you guys. Stunning – track days difference is night and day.
● CLK 55 AMG W209 – “Factory set up caused the outside edges of the tires to wear excessively…”
● Ride quality is significantly improved , steering input is instant and responsiveness is fantastic.”
● installed the KMAC front kit yesterday . I was impressed with the quality, and the parts to help remove the old bushings and install the new ones were a life saver. The kit has enough adjustment to completely fix the front camber on my lowered CLK55. I have the rear kit ready to go for next weekend.”
● E63 AMG W211 – “The E63 Mercedes that we installed the KMAC bushings on. . . And lowered it one inch. It is unbelievable how well it handles now. They should build cars that way from the factory!”
● E320 W211 – “I’d endorse KMAC any time; so much control / adjustment available. I had everything professionally installed of course. Nothing out there matches KMAC bushings; it was money worth spent.”