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KMAC BMW E39 ‘5’Series, 518, 520, 523, 525, 528, Z8(’96- ’04), 530, 535, 540 (’96- 9/’97) Incl. ‘M’Series, E83 X3 (’03- ’10), E84 X1 (’10- ’15), E85 Z4, E86 Z4, E89 Z4 (’09- ’19), E39 M5(’96- 9/’97).
Front Top Strut Mounts, Camber (& Caster) Precisely Adjustable
(Stage 1- Street) . # 192416- 1J . ( Pair )

[ Also (10/’97- ’04) E39 ‘5’ 530, 535, 540 Incl. ‘M’ Series See # 193616 – 1J ]

KMAC are also designed to fit with OEM diam. at top of coil springs. Also all brands of Coil-Overs 60- 70mm I.D.! Centers are also replaceable.


FEATURES / WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT FROM KMAC: Settings can be recorded and changed just in the time taken to loosen the top mount nuts (and with strut brace fitted). No disassembly or strut removal. Unique Patented design, QUICKEST / BIGGEST adjustment system.
ALSO WITH KMAC IT’S NOT ONLY CAMBER – SEPARATE “CASTER” INCLUDED AS WELL. Simply replacing the existing Strut Top Mounts (no modifications). STAGE 1 kit features steel design with OEM type ball race thrust bearings and encased in high performance elastomer, not rubber.
PATENTED DESIGN PROVIDING the “biggest” (and quickest) adjustment system of both Camber and Caster. Fast accurate (under load) from engine bay, direct on the alignment rack.
RESULT : Finally providing adjustment for other then “showroom height” conditions. Day to day commuting encountering high cambered roads, wheel squat through altered height – load carrying or lowering, fitting wide profile tires, curb knock damage.
Along with ability to improve traction, understeer/oversteer.
*ALSO SEE COMPLETE RANGE OF “FRONT AND REAR BUSHINGS” All the very latest KMAC design breakthroughs to provide adjustment and resolve premature bush wear.
Bushes feature twice the load bearing and impact area of OEM and where applicable are 2 Axis / Self aligning – (without the use of oil and air voids). Result is significantly improved brake and steering response. The Camber, Caster and Toe bushings are also precisely adjustable (unique KMAC patented design – single wrench on car – accurately under load direct on alignment rack). With the lower arm “Camber” bushings providing also “extra” track width (and negative adjustment to further reduce understeer) on race days.

# 192416 – 1J . Instruction Sheet