KMAC Audi Skoda Octavia
Front Lower Thrust Arm Inner Caster Bushes ( Pair )
Incl’s Bush Extraction/ Insertion tubes.
# 140916- 2i

KMAC “A WHOLE NEW GENERATION” – BUSHES ARE DESIGNED WITH TWICE THE LOAD BEARING AREA AND ARE MONO BALL / ‘2 AXIS’ WITHOUT THE OEM OIL AND AIR VOIDED RUBBER BUSHINGS is improved traction under braking and steering response (See CHECK LIST below ). Precisely adjustable Caster features patented single wrench adjustment – accurately (under load). Correctly resolves steering pull and allows increased positive Caster for improved high speed directional control, quicker turn in and with reduced dive/lift under brake and acceleration. KMAC kits also include bush extraction and insertion tubes.

KMAC BUSHINGS – Revolutionizing how adjustment is made – No more the time consuming and inaccurately need to reposition bushing each time a setting change is required and designed for absolute maximum adjustment range. Strongest, longest lasting. Featuring twice the load bearing area of OEM bushes. Hardened teethed nickel chromed steel centers with hardened teethed external steel washers. Double length nuts. Fail safe lock system.

RESULT : FINALLY – PRECISELY ADJUSTABLE CASTER TO CORRECTLY RESOLVE STEERING PULL AND IMPROVE BRAKE AND STEERING RESPONSE. Along with improved high speed directional control better turn in, reduced dive / lift under brake and acceleration.
Combined with Camber the adjustment capability to resolve costly premature edge tire wear and steering pull, The result of day to day commuting encountering high cambered roads, altered height through load carrying or lowering, fitting wide profile tires/wheels or curb knock damage. Along with ability to improve traction, understeer/ oversteer.

ON TRACK DAYS : ABILITY TO DIAL IN “EXTRA NEGATIVE CAMBER” TO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE UNDERSTEER, in the pursuit of hitting these corner apexes every time and allowing to go deeper into the corners with increased traction and braking response. With the result of further lowering lap times in the quest for front row of the grid on race days ! (also see below front lower control arm adjusters for extra adjustment.)

CHECK LIST / EXTRA FEATURES KMAC BUSHES VERSES OTHER BRANDS: Where other brands merely replace “OEM rubber bushes with urethane “ to eliminate the OEM oil and air voids in the endeavour to improve brake and steering response. The problem here is that with today’s autos multi link arms and different mount angles, this inhibits the suspension arms traveling through their required arcs which can cause even more wheel tramp / loss of traction with arms binding, locking up and lead to breakage!